The Send

Outdoor inspired goods and art, looking into climbing culture and nature ethics, finding the balance between humans and the earth. Adventure, extremes and humour. Created in sunny catalonia. 

Why Choose Us?

The Send takes it's name from climbing lingo and evoques the feeling of going beyond your limits, of becoming better than you were yesterday. My hope is that my art can inspire you to face your next big adventure.

Our goal is to create a place for community and sharing around the culture of outdoors adventure, where the ups and downs of living amongst the elements find the print. Through art and illustration we celebrate the connections we make when we leave comfort behind, when we are out there facing our fears. My hope is that everyone can find in my illustrations something to relate to, that my experiences can resonate with yours and bring you dear memories of incredible adventures.

The designs are my original creations and are made with great attention to detail in cooperation with local partners.

About me

Paula Alvarez,

Designer and Illustrator

This store began as a creative outlet for my experiences outdoors where I have found a community that is kind, supportive and daring. As a freelance designer living in Barcelona I found an escape from the routine in venturing out into mountains and parks, hiking, climbing. This awoke a desire to connect with other nature lovers, other climbers through my work, while celebrating the conquers and triumphs of this experiences, how our passions lead us to discover our limits at the same time that we experience a world that is rich and worth preserving.